Creative Design Studio - Web design studio. Web sites design, developing, Internet advancement, search engines optimization. Affordable web design professional web design 1c configuration web-design.
Creative Design Studio - Web design studio. Web sites design, developing, Internet advancement, search engines optimization. Affordable web design web-design professional web design 1c configuration.

Approximate prices are re-united here. The concrete value is determined individually, depending on complexity and work content, design requests, terms and other conditions.

   "Cut-away" site (1-3 sections):50-150 €
   "Business" site (3-10 sections):150-400 €
   "Business Plus" site (up to 30 sections):400-800 €
   "VIP" site (of baffling complexity):more than 800 €
   Разработка только дизайна сайта:50-150 €
   Добавление форума на сайт:50-70 €
   Site escort:40-150 €/month
   Advertising campaign:от 200 €
   Оптимизация сайта под поисковые
от 150 €
   Corporate identity creation:от 400 €
   Site WAP version development:70-150 €
   Создание Flash-анимации:20-100 €/5 секунд
   Регистрация домена
    (.ru, .com, .net, .org)
50 €
   Регистрация домена
20 €
   Logo development:70-200 €
   Верстка и дизайн (полиграфия):30-50 €/полоса
   Разработка буклета:50-100 €
   Banner development
    (зависит от типа и формата)
10-40 €

The concrete price of a high-quality site depends on a quantity of different factors, in which the main are: a list of tasks that site is developed to solve and it`s complexity, stages of developing (not every project has to pass all stages, for example your company could already have a logo or corporate identity, as well as content of the site could be finished off by us etc.) Information content published also affects on the final price of the project. The price does not include domain registration and virtual webserver support. That is to allocate your site you need to order hosting at a third-party company, in this case we can help you to choose one for free. Site support is also free of charge. This meens that if you find any mistake or bug within 3 months after publishing, we will find and fix it absolutely free on the assumption of that the project was developed by Creative Design Studio.


   "Cut-away" site - is a part of corporate identity, containing minute quantity of information. It is needed to organizations that are only conceived, small companies and private persons. Contains 1 to 3 pages of information about you. As usual it is static html pages. Includes design, navigation development, making-up several information pages. It could have up to 3 pictures sent by you. Also your logo is needed (vectorial or bitmap) and layout chart if needed any.

   "Business" site - company Internet informational representation. Possible both static and dynamic kind of pages, easily updated by specialists. Site size is up to 8 sections. Small outlays to host and escort a project. Besides the company information it also could have a price-list, additional data. Pictures publication is also possible. Your logo and layout chart are needed.

   "Business Plus" site - the most advanced type of your Internet presence. The amount of sections is up to 30, large text volume, adapted and optimized graphics. Contains all information about company, goodies catalogue. It is distinguished with interactivity and additional services (poll, statistics, registered users entry etc.)

   "VIP" site - baffling complexity solutions, as Internet shop, catalogue site, informational portal etc. Fully interactive. Flash animation also used. Comfortable forms for updating the content. Databases designing, integratio it with the website. Usability test. Additional functions by customer`s request. The price is determined depending on complexity and work content.

   Site escort - as usual this is content update (publishing new information), possible design renewing (once in half a year). Includes site work analysis, proposals to increase site attendance and effectiveness. It is also possible to escort the third-paty companies developed sites.

   Corporate identity - componentry totality that forms the company recognition. Includes company name, trademark, proprietary colours, slogan, logo.

   Site WAP version - a version of your site compatible with the mobile phones and other devices with small screen. Due to the small size it loads fast enough even at low speed connections to the Internet.

   Logo - a part of corporate identity. represents a graphical image, characteristic for your company, often forms of company name taking into consideration it`s line. The development is directed in a vectorial form. We provide several sketchs.

   Banner - text, bitmap image or animation advertising your site. It is distributed through a banner exchange network on the other sites to attract users to your one. Well thought-out design of this advertisment makes it more effective.

   Advertising campaign consists in site optimization to advance in search engines, bying a definite amount of views of your banner in the russian banner exchange networks, statistics analysing etc.

Creative Design Studio - Web design studio. Web sites design, developing, Internet advancement, search engines optimization. Affordable web design professional web design web-design 1c configuration.
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